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Examples of Peter Welton’s work

Knighton Mural

Knighton Mural by Peter WeltonOne of the commendable policies of Willmott Dixon, the construction company, is to conceal their activities behind a mural. I was the very fortunate artist invited to produce this one in Knighton Road, Knighton, Leicester in 2012/13. To see the mural please visit the "Knighton Mural" page.

Stained Glass windows

I have recently been collaborating with Mike Newcombe who has a very impressive stained glass workshop in Leicester and as a result he has converted one of my prints into a terrific stained glass panel.

Have a look at Mike’s website – www.eleganceinglass.co.uk

You can see the result here on the Home Page. We are now considering other pictures of mine for this kind of treatment. If you would be interested in having a Welton Window in your house get in touch with me. Come and have a look at this piece here in my studio. I think you too will be very impressed by the craftsmanship.

Important news

If any goods you buy from this website do not meet your highest expectations I guarantee to refund all money paid including the cost of returning the goods in question to me. You will find 366 prints (as of October 30th 2013) on the website and I am constantly adding to that list as I finish a new painting. I do hope you can find at least one you would like to own !

A passion for watercolour paintings

As you will see I am involved in many aspects of the art business but I always remember that the life blood of all my activities is the painting of original watercolours. Without that nothing else would follow. I am very fortunate that I work almost entirely to commissions and many of the images in this website have been reproduced from commissioned paintings.

I love painting pictures for people who like my work so if you are interested in talking to me about commissioning a painting contact me me first and I will spell out the implications of this including, of course, the costs involved and the time scale. One, I hope reassuring, aspect of this is the fact that after we have agreed what I am going to do and how much it is going to cost you, if you dont like the finished painting you do not have to pay for it... but you don’t get it for nothing!! It goes into my stock of originals for sale to other clients. Only twice in the last 20 years has this happened to me and in both cases I sold the paintings quite quickly afterwards. So I am fairly confident I will be able to paint something for you. One problem, however, is there is a waiting list for originals which is currently about 18 months.

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